About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Heart of three continents

A Story of Transformation

A Global Logistics Hub

Fastest growing economy in the G20

The National Transport and Logistics Strategy solidifies the Kingdom's position as a global logistics hub, contributing to attracting 100 million visitors and 10% to national GDP.

Fastest growing economy in the G20

In 2022, GDP grow by “8.7%” signalling strong and sustained economic growth

In line with Vision 2030 and the increasing demand for logistics services in the local and global markets, the Ministry of Transport & Logistics Services has laid out an ambitious strategy aimed at developing the Kingdom into a global logistics hub.

Driving Logistics Forward

Saudi Arabia jumps “17 positions” on World Bank's Logistics Performance Index 2023.

Ambitious Nation

Thriving Economy

Vibrant Society

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the heart of three continents, and it has long occupied an important role at the center of the Islamic and Arab worlds a land with a rich and proud history.


Saudi Arabia is the world’s 12th-largest state by area


Million people in Saudi Arabia


UNESCO world heritage sites